ABout Leaftail Labs HQ


Leaftail Labs is located in great city of Seattle WA, tucked into the hip waterside community of Fremont. Our offices are situated right at the heart of the action near the intersection of Fremont Ave N and N 35th St. We're surrounded by water, vegan food, a bridge Troll, tasting rooms and barcades--it really doesn't get better.

As a startup, our culture is build fast, fail fast in a casual but focused environment. We're building a unique and intentionally diverse team that is obsessed with quality and player routine. Work doesn't count unless it's in the build, and all good ideas get attention, regardless of role or level. Individual accountability, respect and a team-oriented world view is the baseline for us here at Leaftail, as is a continuous effort to learn. Ours is a high-risk high-reward proposition, and we're going to ask a lot of each teammate, but the experiences and opportunities here will be unparalleled. If you're already buzzing with excitement, check out our open positions below: we want to hear from you.

Design Lead 

Senior Software Engineer | Software Engineer

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